I Am Sitting In A Room

Author or Artist

Alvin Lucier
I Am Sitting in a Room


A fascinating and singular piece of music. British pan-avant music magazine The Wire says, "Lucier is the undoubted genius of process music; and this is his masterpiece." The entirety of the album is built out of repeated playbacks and re-recordings of Lucier describing the process by which he will make the album, the sonic characteristics of the room affecting each successive recording slightly more than the last. You might be forgiven for getting ten minutes in and thinking that it sounds basically the same, but more reverby. However, to once again quote The Wire, "With each repetition, the frequencies of Lucier's voice that most closely match the room's resonant frequencies are enhanced, and soon he becomes incomprehensible, only the dim memory of his text animating glistening spools of sound. The music is its own score, but it's not the formal simplicity of technique that impresses the most. Towards the end, once Lucier has gone and only the inarticulate room remains, it's a gorgeous and quite extraordinary experience."