Fly / Approximately Infinite Universe

Author or Artist

Yoko Ono


Secretly Canadian is in the process of re-issuing Yoko Ono albums from the '70s. From Pitchfork: "It's​ ​fascinating to hear how, as​ [John Lennon] becomes less involved in each subsequent album, her vision widens and strengthens, both personally and politically. This development coincides with Ono's music becoming broader and more accessible. The 1971 album Fly is a natural followup to Ono's 1970 Plastic Ono Band [not to be confused with the John Lennon album of the same title, on which Ono also appears], filled with raucous freak-out jams and conceptual experiments, with lots of Lennon participation. Things take a turn on 1973's Approximately Infinite Universe, which adopts rock, glam, and funk tropes for sociopolitical protest."