Bollywood Bloodbath

Bollywood Bloodbath


Finders Keepers records really dug deep into the vaults of the Indian subcontinent for these tremendous compilations of soundtrack music from India and Pakistan.

Even horror movies in Bollywood are musicals and Bollywood Bloodbath presents a treasure trove of highlights spanning from 1949 through the horror heyday in the '80s. This collection skews pretty standard Bollywood, with many big names of the era (including superstar R.D. Burman) dipping into the genre.

The two-fer of The Sound of Wonder and Life is Dance delve a little deeper, crossing the border into Pakistan's less renowned, lower budget film industry (evidently known colloquially as Lollywood). But don't sleep on these, the lower budget, along with what must have been a sensational house band, gives these tracks a maniacal punk-rock energy that won't quit. Electric guitars, early synthesizers, crazy hooks and occasional accordion flourishes take these pretty far from the Bollywood standard. For my money "Zambo Zambo", the opening track on Life is Dance, is the best thing on any of these discs.

The Tamil film industry (aka Tollywood... I'm not sure who comes up with these) - also in India, but distinct from the Hindi speaking Bollywood - is represented by the one-man compilation Ilectro, collecting synthy soundtrack pop by the maestro of Tollywood: Ilaiyaraaja. Insanely catchy, Finders Keepers says, "Ilaiyaraaja, a man of humble physical stature, sparsely equipped with a self-sufficient studio of compact electronic devices literally COMMANDS celebration with his single handed symphonies."