Library Go Educator FAQ

Library Go is Saint Paul's unique, local initiative to achieve the goals set forth by the national ConnectED Library Challenge.

Will educators receive a Library Go card?

Library Go makes it easier than ever for SPPS staff to apply for and receive a Library Go Educator E-card. SPPS staff can apply for this card by completing a simple form found here:

Sign into the website using your Active Directory username & password. You will receive and email from SPPL with your SPPL eCard information with 48 hours.

SPPS staff will only be able to access digital materials with their e-cards. SPPS staff can continue to use their personal library cards to checkout physical materials. (If SPPS staff already have a library card that works in Saint Paul, they do not need to complete this form.)

What benefits can I get for my Educator Status library card v. the Library Go Educator E-card?

Once you get a personal library card from your home agency you’re ready to check out physical materials. Let SPPL staff know you’re an educator to get educator status on your card that provides access to a wider array of resources and services. Educator status cards let you check out most library materials without accruing overdue fines. The Library Go Educator E-Card allows you to access all digital materials, but doesn't allow you to check out physical items.

Is the library monitoring what my students are checking or accessing?

The library does not monitor materials or resources accessed through the Library. We encourage you to talk to your students about what is appropriate.

What should I be educating my students about Library Go?

  1. Keep your number safe.
  2. Don't check out materials for friends. 
  3. Keep reminding them about the great resources! It can be overwhelming, so bite-size information about a database is best.

How long are Library Go accounts active?

Student Library Go cards will be active for 1 year and will be renewed each school year.  

What should I do if a student is opted-out of Library Go and can’t log in during classroom exercises?

We recommend teachers use their own Library Go Educator E-card or encourage students to pair off with another student with access to Library Go to access resources.

What resources will my student be able to access for FREE?

Students will have FREE access to e-books, articles, e-magazines, music downloads, one-on-one online homework help, dozens of databases, and more! There are materials offered for different reading levels, in different languages, accessible on school-issued iPads and at home.

What is the process to receive a SPPL card that allows me to check out physical material?

In the near future, educators will be able to fill out a simple form to register for their educator status cards. The availability of this form will be announced in The Bridge newsletter. Please stay tuned.

How can I use Library Go in the classroom?

Please connect with your local public library staff or explore to learn about these newly accessible materials. Students will easily access materials using their easily memorized number. Visit for more about connecting to public libraries.

When will my student get access to this virtual account?

Electronic library cards will be activated for high school and middle school students first, followed later by elementary students in early 2017. Students will be able to immediately access electronic resources with their new electronic barcode number upon launch.

How can my student access his or her new virtual accounts? Will all of my students have accounts?

Unless parents opt-out, all students will be given a unique electronic barcode number, consisting of their unique student ID number and a standard prefix.

(If a parent would like to opt-out, please direct them to or by contacting Student Records at 651-632-3764.)  

What if my student already has a public library card?

Students’ original cards will not be replaced. Library Go will issue a new number that allows teachers and students to easily communicate and memorize a number that is connected to their student ID. Students are encouraged to use their new Library Go digital card in instructional settings. Consistent usage of the Library Go card number will limit confusion while increasing awareness of the initiative.

What financial risks are involved?

Very few. Students can access all e-materials (including academic papers, books, music, and magazines) without fear of fines or fees. In addition, students will be able to check out a limited amount of physical materials. We will work with students to rectify lost/missing materials to minimize financial burdens on families.

Students will also have opportunities throughout the year to reduce or eliminate fines by participating in library fine forgiveness programs, such as Read Downs or Do Downs.

View the Library Go Fines & Fees Policy

Why are you providing a virtual and not a physical library card?

The cards will be easy to memorize, containing your student's 6-digit ID. We value your security and understand students have a hard time keeping track of physical cards.  Students will be able to use their cards by typing memorized numbers for electronic materials and identifying themselves to library staff to check out physical materials.

What kind of data is Saint Paul Public Schools sharing with Saint Paul Public Library, and how is it protected?

At Saint Paul Public Schools, the following information about students is public: name, birth dates, grade, extra-curricular information, school, dates of enrollment, and awards received.  

Additionally, the following information is designated as directory information only for MN State Libraries: address, home phone, student ID#, and student email address.

Data shared between SPPS and SPPL is encrypted and transferred via a secure protocol and is stored on secure servers.

What is iUpdate?

iUpdate is a new tool inside SPPS’s Campus Portal that contains important forms and allows parents to register students for after-school and summer programs. One of the forms included allows parents to opt-out of Library Go.

How can I know if a Library Go number isn't working due to parent's opting out or if there's another problem?

Any staff with access to the Campus Census iUpdate tab can see which students have opted out.  Someone in Campus OTL can tell you for sure which groups have access (likely in the clerks office). If the student hasn't opted out and you're still having issues with the number, please contact Library Go support.

I want to check out one particular ebook for my entire class so my students can read them on their iPads. Is this possible?

Just like physical books, the library has a set quantity of ebooks that can be checked out. Usually we do not have sufficient copies of one book to lend out to an entire class. However, educators are encouraged to check out Ebooks Minnesota--another free ebook resource that allows for simultaneous use.